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Mine Safety Regulations under review according to New York Injury Lawyer

After the deadly explosion in the West Virginia mine, the President of the United States has ordered that the regulations and laws involving mine safety be reviewed. Current laws are so full of loopholes that unsafe conditions are allowed to continue. Preliminary reports have determined that the blast in the Upper Big Branch mine resulted in some coal dust mixing with a buildup of methane gas, which could have been prevented. The incident is still under investigation for the specific cause of the eruption. A New York Injury Lawyer stated that this particular mine has a long history of safety issues, and is operated by a company being watched closely by officials for significant violations in the past. President Barack Obama is concerned about the amount of mines with inadequate safety procedures in place, and wants these issues evaluated. He has called for strengthening of existing laws and regulations. There are too many companies in which the protection of employees is jeopardized for the sake of the profit margin. The Upper Big Branch mine had 19 times the national rate of violations leading to the shut down of the mine for repairs during the year of 2009, according to a New York Injury Lawyer. These companies cannot continue to operate mines meanwhile disregarding their hazardous conditions, and President Obama has instructed federal officials to step in and work to ensure that preventable disasters such as this explosion do not occur in the future. Preventing future tragedies like this is of national concern.

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