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Mother Arrested for Child Endangerment Following a Car Crash


A young girl suffered a variety of injuries after a car crash caused by her mother who may have been driving while intoxicated. The mother sustained minor injuries. The accident occurred on a Wednesday around 6:30pm on a California state highway. Police on the scene asked the mother to submit to a breathalyzer test, but she refused, instead opting for a blood test. A New York Injury Lawyer points out that those suspected of driving while intoxicated are given a choice between a breathalyzer and blood test in the state of California. The test results should provide additional information about this case.

If found guilty of driving while intoxicated, the mother may face a host of charges including driving under the influence and child endangerment. Even though the mother insists both she and the girl were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident, the police department will neither confirm nor deny her claim. Further investigation into this accident is needed before any charges are filed. The mother has since been arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. No other vehicles were involved.

The girl, who is in serious condition, was taken to a nearby children’s hospital. It is unclear how long she will have to stay in the hospital. If the mother is found negligent, the girl may have to live with relatives or be placed in foster care on a temporary or permanent basis, claims a Nassau County Injury Lawyer. Future court hearings may be necessary to determine the best place for the girl. Depending on the severity of her injuries, the girl may need additional care after leaving the hospital.

Currently, the mother is in jail awaiting a court date to determine if charges will be filed. Bail has been set at $55,000. This situation is not usual for someone who may be charged with driving under the influence and child endangerment. Keeping the mother in jail prevents her from operating a vehicle while intoxicated for the time being. It is unclear if the girl will have to testify as to her mother’s behavior the night of the accident.

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