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Mother Bring Suit Against Inflatable Company Over Child’s Death, Reports New York Injury Lawyer


A Witchita, Kansas inflatable-amusement company is being suited by the mother of a 5-year-old boy who died after a fall from a inflatable ride, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. The mother claims the company operated their equipment in an unsafe manner.

The boy died after falling from an inflatable ride and hitting his head on a concrete floor. The mother wants to collect “an amount in excess of $75,000” for personal injury and wrongful death. Her suit also claims that the company violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, and wants $10,000 per violation.

The mother’s attorney told a New York Injury Lawyer, “Our basis for this (lawsuit) is that the company take some responsibility or accountability for what they did. So far they have refused to do so.”

The boy’s 5th birthday was held at the company’s facility. A particular ride involved an inflatable unit like a mattress, flat but with a bulge in the middle. It is surrounded by a 2-foot-high inflatable barrier.

An employee said the child was to be placed in the center of the unit. Adults jump on the flat sides, which launches the child into the air. Four days later, the family returned with free passes and attempted the maneuver. The boy flew over the barrier and landed headfirst on the concrete floor.

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