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Mother of Boy Killed by Bus at Disney Files Suit, Reports NY Injury Lawyer


The mother of a 9-year-old boy killed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge in April 2010 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both Disney Parks and Resorts and the driver of the bus that ended the boy’s life, sources tell a New York Injury Lawyer.

The boy died after he ran his bike into the side of a passing Disney bus and was pulled under the wheels. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the child’s dirt bike was in “unsafe condition” due to a flat bicycle tire, which they say caused the accident. The lawsuit claims the reason to be sidewalk conditions and the park bus system.

The lawsuit states pedestrians have to step off the sidewalk and onto the road or unpaved wetland area to avoid cyclist and other pedestrians. There are railing and steep gullies that prevent others from stepping toward the park itself when trying to pass others, the complaint reads. “Consequently, contact between a pedestrian and a bus or vehicle was reasonably foreseeable to occur and therefore cause serious injury or death to the pedestrian,” says the lawsuit.

According to New York Injury Lawyers, the lawsuit calls for damages in excess of $15,000. A Disney spokeswoman claimed the driver was not at fault. She did say to a New York Injury Lawyer, “It doesn’t lessen the sadness we feel for the [family of the boy].” She also said it was “inappropriate to comment further as the matter is in litigation.”

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