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Mother Sues Tattoo Parlor for Inking Underage Son, Says a New York Civil Litigation Lawyer


A New York Civil Litigation Lawyer has learned of a Queens mother who is suing a tattoo parlor for tattooing her underage son. She claims he is scarred for life. The mother was shocked to find her son, 17, had the word “Carpe” inked on the inside of one wrist and the word “Diem” on the other, together forming the Latin term “seize the day”. New York Injury Lawyers state that is against state law to permanently tattoo anyone under the age of 18. The lawsuit against the tattoo parlor and the particular tattoo artist who inked the tattoo was filed in Queen Supreme Court.

As for the boy, he told a New York Civil Litigation Lawyer he regrets getting the tattoo. The lawyer continued on to say that removing the tattoos could leave the boy with permanent scars that may look very similar to scars from a failed suicide attempt. This lawyer also knows “for a fact” that the boy was never asked his age when he went into the tattoo parlor.

“It’s not like he presented any type of phony ID,” said the New York Civil Litigation Lawyer. The manager of the tattoo parlor claims the records regarding the boy are now gone. “I didn’t know I was supposed to keep them,” he said.

When someone does harm to you or your loved ones, you don’t have to sit and take it. A New York Injury Lawyer can make those who wronged you pay for their mistake. It will take the expertise of a New York Civil Litigation Lawyer to give you the restitution and resolution you deserve.

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