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Mourning Father loses his license after driving drunk and allegedly harassing a16-year-old, New York Injury Lawyers report


The strain of his son’s death may have pushed a grieving father too far in a recent traffic incident. The devastated father, whose son lost his life on his motorcycle last spring by a driver accused of running a red light, has temporarily lost his license after being charged with driving drunk, a N York Injury Lawyer explained.

After an outside sobriety test and a blood test, the man’s blood alcohol level tested far beyond the legal limit, according to police reports.

The man was allegedly driving too closely behind and harassing a 16-year-old girl, who filed a complaint at the police station quickly after the incident. After his arrest, the man claimed the 16-year-old girl blew through the same red light as the driver, who killed his son and it sent him over the edge.

New York City Injury Lawyers stated that the man’s license was taken away after he was charged with DWI as well as other offenses. The broken father did not enter a plea. Additional details are not available until further investigation is complete.

The driver, who killed the man’s son, had several repeat traffic violations prior to being charged with running the red light. The unnecessary death was the motivation for a new state law cracking down on drivers with multiple traffic offenses.

Repeat offenders are now given stronger sentences and heavier fines according to court records. Traffic violations have gone down slightly since then. The grieving father was not available for comment when reporters called his home for answers.

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