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Murdered Portuguese Journalist Admitted His Lover Was Scaring Him


Carlos Castro, the Portuguese celebrity journalist who was found murdered and mutilated in his Times Square in New York City hotel room told friends that he was being threatened by his handsome companion just days before the murder, police said.

Castro, age 65, who was a prominent gay activist and a society columnist, was beaten to death, and had his scrotum severed with a broken wine bottle during a fight with his former lover. Renato Seabra, the 20-year old suspected murderer was discovered hours after the brawl at Roosevelt Hospital, sporting wounds that may have been from a suicide attempt. He is now in police custody at Bellevue Hospital psychiatric ward, according to a source.

Investigators have stated that they believe Seabra, who is a former Portuguese reality-show contestant, was stringing Castro along. They also believe he attacked Castro when he wouldn’t buy Seabra bigger gifts. Seabra had told friends back home that he wasn’t gay; he was merely using Castro as a route to fame and fortune.

Castro’s body was found when friends in Queens of the journalist became concerned and went to his hotel room to check on him. Reportedly, Castro had confided in his friends that he was scared to sleep in the hotel room with Seabra present, stated a reporter.

Seabra disappeared for a few hours after the murder, and turned up at a local hospital around 11 pm. The cab driver who had driven Seabra to the hospital saw news reports and dialed 911 after recognizing Seabra’s picture. A few minutes later, a nurse also contacted authorities after viewing his photo on the news. Charges like wrongful death are pending.

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