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National Guard Troops Help Victims of Car Crash


Several National Guard troops helped rescue two people trapped in a car after an accident. The car had caught on fire, but the troops were able to safely pull the people out before they suffered major injuries. The troops were also able to start emergency medical procedures before medical personnel arrived. The troops probably saved those people’s lives, points out a New York Personal Injury Lawyer. The people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident. The car was traveling alone on the highway when it flipped over. Two people inside were trapped, but not seriously injured. One of the National Guard troops had a combat lifesaver bag in his vehicle which he used to provide treatment to the car accidentvictims. The troops were on their way to a local air force base when they came upon the vehicle. It is unknown at this time what caused the accident. Both the driver and the passenger will probably be interviewed once they are well enough to do so.

The accident occurred in the morning hours. The roads were not slick and bad weather was not a factor. It is unknown if alcohol or illegal substances played a part in the accident. The driver of the vehicle will be issued a ticket and may face other charges as evidence is collected. Further investigation by local law enforcement officials is needed to determine the exact cause of the accident.

Luckily, the National Guard troops arrived on the scene to save the trapped passengers in the vehicle, The injuries the driver and passenger could have been much worse. The condition of the vehicle is unknown. It took clean-up crews several hours to remove the vehicle and leftover debris. The highway was then reopened to other motorists.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle were on their way to the airport at the time of the crash. The highway is a popular route for those going to and from the airport to use.

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