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Navy moves commanding officers to administrative duties because of sexual assault allegations


A commanding officer in the Navy was removed from active duty and assigned to clerical duties recently because of pending charges for assault, sexual harassment and conduct unbecoming of an officer, say New York Injury Lawyers.

Both executive officer and command master chief of the ship have been demoted as well to administrative duty for allegedly witnessing the commanding officer’s inappropriate behavior and not taking action according to court reports. All three have lost partial pay and received letters of reprimand, explained a Navy spokesperson.

Reported inappropriate actions included drunk and disorderly conduct. Even simple acts like poking and tickling were reported, and allegedly took place on and off duty during a six-month period. Two crewmembers came forward with the information and wrong doings, according to reporters.

Charges were handled internally by officers due to the lack of severity of their actions. The officers felt the charges weren’t worthy of a trial or court case.

The Navy takes these types of accusations seriously, an officer said: “We do not tolerate this sort of conduct in the military.”

He stated clearly that this case was in no way related to a recent case where another officer was sentenced to a few years in jail and discharged from the Navy after having forced sex in his room with a woman below him in ranking. In New York City and Staten Island, Naval offices are taking note of this situation.

The deputy commander in this case will serve as commander until the next commanding officer reports to the ship a NY Injury Lawyer said.

The other two officers left the ship before the investigation was completed and neither was available for comment regarding the incident and accusations.

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