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New Wisconsin Law Limits Punitive Damages

A source says that a new law is probably going to be signed by the governor of Wisconsin. This law, which does not go in to effect until ten days after the governor officially signs it, greatly limits the amount of punitive damages a person can claim against another in a lawsuit for things like work injury.. Since the governor says he will be signing this bill in to law, many lawyers are hurrying up to file paperwork for their clients who might be able to collect bigger sums.

According to the person inside, the cases filed before the law goes in to effect will not have limited punitive damages on them. They will be able to sue for any amount they see fit right now. There is no formula on coming up with a dollar amount for damages, other than what expenses are, doctor fees, or what the lawyer thinks a person is entitled to. There are no limits as to what damages they can seek for the actions committed against them or a loved one. Just because they seek a specific amount does not always mean the judge will award that amount.

Many Wisconsin residents are upset over the bill, which limits how much they can collect in wrongful death suits, medical malpractice cases and other cases where injuries have resulted in no fault of their own. The source explains that once the bill goes in to law, there will be limits on punitive damages according to what the injury is. Parties in Queens and Staten Island are watching this situation.

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