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New York City Injury Lawyers Investigate Possible Gender Bias at Citigroup

Citigroup is now partially owned by the federal government, like a few others. It also has something in common with the big Wall Street player, Goldman Sachs – lawsuits involving gender discrimination, a New York Injury Lawyer reports.

Six women are alleging that Citigroup is keeping women from equal access to pay, promotions, and work. Five of the plaintiffs lost their jobs when Citi suffered through major financial crisis in November 2008. These layoffs were one on of the primary reasons for the suit, which states that the women were fired by Citi while less-qualified men were kept on staff.

The suit also states that the senior leadership has 39 men and only five women. It also says the executive committee is made up of 19 men. There is a sixth plaintiff in the suit who still works at the bank, sources tell a NYC Personal Injury Lawyer. Both the Citi suit and the Goldman suit are seeking class-action status. The Citi suit was filed in mid-September.

Unfair treatment in the workplace is not only wrong, it’s against the law. There’s no reason to stand for it when there is a New York Injury Lawyer who can hold those responsible to account for their actions. Sometimes there is no avoiding court, and when the moment comes, it’s important to have a good representative, an advocate who can articulate just what went wrong and what can be done to rectify things.

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