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New York City Vehicle/Big-Rig Accidents Have Many Causes–and Many Injuries


In 2005, New York State reported 8,000 large truck accidents that involved over 16,000 vehicles. Any accident between a semi or other big rig and a car, even a SUV–it is Goliath vs. David–and you know who Golaith is–and who will likely suffer personal injury.

However, some of the collisions are related to other factors unique to commercial trucks.

— Overloading: Some collisions occur because a truck is overloaded and therefore cannot stop in time.

— Driver’s inexperience: The driver is inexperienced in operating a particular kind or size of truck.

— Fatigued drivers: Tired truckers have been on the road for too long and are fatigued. Tired truck drivers are now more likely to be on the road, with the deregulation of the trucking industry, changes in the way goods are shipped to a “just-in-time” delivery system, and recent changes in the rules governing how long a trucker may drive before he is required to stop for a rest.

If you have had an accident and personal injury that involves you and a big-rig (semi) truck, New York City Attorney Stephen Bilkis says that it is important you know your rights–and are protected at every turn after the accident: with the insurance company, with the other driver, and any possible legal action.

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