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New York Fire Fighters Put Out Apartment Building Fire and Save Lives


New York Fire Fighters were able to rescue those trapped in an apartment fire in Brooklyn and prevent any fatalities. While eight residents and nine fire fighters are in the hospital for injuries, all of the residents were able to get out safely. The fire was first reported around 5am, states a New York Injury Lawyer and was put out around 7:30am. Fire fighters worked tirelessly to help residents out of the building and put out the fire.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown. Further investigation by arson investigators will be necessary to determine the cause or causes. The building was a four-story apartment building with many residents. Since the stairwells were blocked by the fire, getting people out required the fire department to use ladders, trucks with buckets attached and other equipment. As residents were evacuated, the fire was contained. The deputy fire chief congratulated the fire fighters for their ability to work quickly as a team in saving people trapped inside the building.

A NYC Injury Lawyer claims that 31 people in total were injured in the fire. While only 17 were sent to the hospital, many people suffered from burns and other minor injuries. Local emergency medical services were called out to tend to the injured people. It is unknown at this time the exact injuries of those who had to be hospitalized. In a fire like this one, severe burns, damage to the lungs and other types of wounds are typical.

Learning more about the cause of the fire is now a concern. If the fire was set intentionally, the person or persons must be caught to prevent another fire. Those who start fires usually continue to do so until they are caught. If the fire was an accident, arson investigators should be able to pinpoint from which apartment the fire started. The fire may have also started in the basement or electrical room in the apartment building. There are many unanswered questions at this time as to the actual cause of the fire. The residents will have to relocate in the meantime until the building is rebuilt

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