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New York Injury Lawyer reports a woman attacked by her friend’s chimpanzee has filed lawsuits

Charla Nash, the 56 year old woman who was viciously attacked by her friend’s pet chimpanzee has filed lawsuits against the chimp’s owner and the state of Connecticut. Nash was employed by the chimp’s owner Sandra Herold as a dispatcher for the towing company Herold owned. Herold had called Nash one day to have her come help and calm the chimp down. When Nash arrived, the chimp attacked her. Herold called the police and even tried to subdue him herself during the attack. Nash suffered numerous injury during the attack. The chimp clawed her face, resulting in the loss of her eyes and nose. Surgeons were able to rebuild her tongue, allowing her to speak. She also lost all of her fingers except her right thumb. The chimp tried to attack the police when they arrived on the scene and was shot. Nash has filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against Herold and a $150 million dollar lawsuit against the state of Connecticut for failing to prevent the attack.

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