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No happy ending in sight for Brett Favre sexting scandal, reports New York Injury Lawyer


Football legend Brett Favre has come under scrutiny once again as reports of inappropriate behavior in the form of sexually explicit text messages, affectionately known as sexting, have been alleged, states a New York Injury Lawyer. Two massage therapists that worked with Favre during his time with the New York Jets in 2008 have alleged that he attempted to schedule a threesome with the women via text messages. 

According to reports, the texts were not appreciated and were sexually inappropriate. The football hero has come under scrutiny before, after having been investigated and fined over $50,000 for sending lascivious texts that included pictures of his penis to another woman who did not appreciate them. The women who are bringing the suit to light tried unsuccessfully to get some kind of solace or closure from the NFL when their discomfort was brought to light. They allege that a lawsuit seems to be the only way that their claims would be taken seriously. 

Inappropriate behavior on the part of celebrities and sports heroes can have a deleterious effect on the reputation of all involved, explains the New York Injury Lawyer. Why anyone in the limelight would participate in something that could hurt other people and blemish their public standing is not really understood. Scandalous behavior that hurts another is inappropriate no matter who is engaging in it. In the case of Brett Favre, his millions of loyal fans are now getting a good look at what kind of individual he is showing himself to be.

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