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North and South Bring Different Perspectives on Drilling, says New York Injury Lawyer


Location, location, location. With property, it always comes down to where you are buying. And natural gas companies are learning this lesson time and time again, says a New York Injury Lawyer. Setting up a new rig in the South is no big deal. The people there are used to oil and natural gas drilling and most all of the welcome the prospect, notes a Personal Injury Lawyer. It creates jobs and most everyone who lets the company use their property almost always finds themselves far more wealthy because of it. It is a historical way of life for one generation after another.

But up North? Things are different in the North. States in the North East find themselves occupied by a different sort of person. Where there is gratitude down South, there are law suits up North, says a New York City Injury Lawyer. People are more concerned, it appears, about pollution and protecting their children. Or, maybe it’s just because their economy in general is better and they can afford to not take the oil and natural gas money. Every property owner has a different reason, but it has become a new way of doing business for the oil and natural gas industry: down South, you’ll make money; up North, you’ll make law suits, reports a New York Injury Lawyer.

But, wherever these plants open they tend to make folks rich, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. Dirt poor families wake up the next day with more money than they know how to spend. It just depends on your location, that’s all.

If you have been a victim of environmental poisoning, you have rights that need to be protected. Contact a New York Injury Attorney today.

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