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NY, NY the site of fatal tragic car accident that kills 2 children and another child suffers serious injury laments a New York Injury Lawyer


A car accident took place on Wednesday, January twenty-first, 2008. The accident was located in New York City specifically,Chinatown.

Chao Fu, 52, of Brooklyn was driving the China Chalet delivery truck when the van accidentally drove straight onto the sidewalk. Allegedly, Fu double-parked the van while getting out to make a delivery. Then, a surveillance video shows an empty van driving in reverse up the sidewalk. The vehicle was a 2000 Ford van. The vehicle drove past yellow lines and hit three preschoolers and their escorts on the sidewalk.

Two children were pronounce dead at the scene of the accident: Hayley Ng, 4, from Chinatown and Diego Martinez, 3, from Chelsea. When the kids were rushed to New York Downtown Hospital, doctors tried their best to save Diego but he died around twelve-thirty p.m. The third victim of the accident, Emma Oscow, 4, was left in terrible condition at Bellevue Hospital Center suffering from a serious injury. There, doctors also tried to help more children and a few adults suffering from minor injuries from the crash.

Fu has a clean driving record so police suggest that he mistook reverse for park. The accident is referred to as a “wake up call”. It shows how more should be done to help pedestrians walking in the city.

Anyone suffering an injury or the loss of a loved one as a result of this tragic accident should seek the help of a New York Injury Lawyer. While it appears the cause of the accident was an innocent mistake, the results were horrific. An experienced New York Injury Lawyer maybe able t help the families involed with this difficult situation and protect their legal rights.

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