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NY Personal Injury Lawyer reports fatal scaffold accident in Park Slope, NY

Brickworkers had been repairing the side of an apartment building when the scaffold they were using suddenly had the support cables snap. Three workers from Nova Restoration, which is also located in Brooklyn, had been on the scaffold at the time of the accident. The workers had a supervisor come and inspect the scaffolds before they climbed onto it. Henry Siebor, a 42 year old Brooklyn resident, had not secured his safety harness before trying to cross from one scaffold to the adjoining scaffold. It was at that time the cable broke and Siebor fell from the fourth story. The other two workers were able to hang onto the cable until firefighters from Ladder 122 arrived and rescued them. The scaffold material was rented from Rockledge Scaffold Corp, located in Yonkers, NY. Police report that the building, located at 438 12th St. in Park Slope NY, has 10 outstanding violations.

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