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Ohio Uses New Drug for Executions


Ohio announced that it would start using pentobarbital for executions. Ohio is not the only state making the switch from using thiopental. Oklahoma is also using the drug for executions, a New York Injury Lawyer reported.

Ohio usually uses 5 grams of thiopental but they will be using 5 grams of pentobarbital instead. The amount is consisted a large doses. They will only need to use a single dose of the drug.

Pentobarbital is often used in assisted suicides and to induce surgical comas. Many vets also use the drug to put an animal to sleep.

The manufacture for thiopental announced on Friday that it would stop production of the drug. Hospira is the company. The drug is usually made in Italy and recently the government there has prevented the duplication of the drug if the manufacture cannot control what the drug is used for.

Defense lawyer have stated that the use of the drug for executions are unproven and too risky. So far, Oklahoma has used the drug three times for executions, a New York Injury Lawyer.

The thiopental maker, Lundbeck, Inc. is opposed to the use of the drug for executions. They state that it was designed for medical advances only. They said, “Lundbeck is dedicated to saving people’s lives. Clearly, use of [pentobarbital] to carry out the death penalty . . . falls outside its intended use.”

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