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OSHA Issues $62,000 Fine at Printing Plant Reports New York Injury Lawyers


Worldcolor Buffalo was investigated by OSHA and fined a total of $62,000 for twenty-seven violations involving the safety and health standards at one of the printing facilities. A New York Injury Lawyer report that when OSHA inspeted the company’s plant, multiple hazards where identified and if left uncorrected could be harmful to the workers at the plant.

New York Injury Lawyers report that OSHA indicated that the hazards noted exposed workers to the risk of cuts, burns, hearing loss, exposure to asbestos, electric shock and amputations. In addition, the company did not have a written plan for properly training new employees about the dangers and requirements. Moreover, employees were not informed of asbestos in the insulation found on pipes and even failed to provide a Hepatitis B shot for employees who work in conditions where exposure to blood and potentially harmful bacteria were present.

Steve Bilkis and Associates can be reached at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW for consultation in injuries sustained in incidents like this. New York Injury Lawyers also state that the inspection identified situations where the plant did not take adequate care in storing and/or transferring flammable liquids and that the workers did not have protective gear. In addition to these hazards, a collection of combustible dust was found in the worker’s area.

New York Injury Lawyers report that 24 serious citations were issued and 3 other violations were noted such involving record keeping, exposure monitoring and extinguisher training.

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