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Overall Oakland fairs well in transportation study, a New York Injury Lawyer notifies


A Study of California’s 13 biggest cities conducted by the Office of Traffic Safety found that Oakland has the lowest number of alcohol-involved accidents. The city also has the fewest DUI arrests.

There were 312 DWI arrests and 131 people were killed or injured in DUI-related crashes in 2009. However, the study shows that Oakland takes third place for hit-and-run and pedestrian collisions. The safety office looks at information from the Department of Justice and California Highway Patrol, a New York Injury Lawyer informed.

Oakland also was ranked 10th of 13 cities for collisions caused by people driving drunk. The data was for drivers between the ages of 21 and 34 where were drinking, a New York Injury Lawyer stated.

The data was of tickets issued by Oakland police officers on city streets. Freeway tickets are not included in the data. It is unclear which geographical areas had more tickets.

Oakland has many sobriety programs for its citizens. Officers also have sobriety checkpoints around the county to prevent people from driving under the influence. DUI patrols and local roving patrols are also conducted, a New York Injury Lawyer mentioned.

Even though Oakland’s alcohol-involved accidents are low, the city’s hit-and-run collisions involving pedestrians’ stats finished in third against the rest of the cities. Hit-and-run accidents involving bicyclists’ stats are showing Oakland as the fifth highest city.

The Oakland Police Department is working hard to change this year’s hit-and-run data. The Comprehensive Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Child Passenger Safety Program is funded by a grant from the safety office. They received a $491, 305 grants. The program holds bicycle helmet fittings and conducts workshops about bicycle safety in schools.

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