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Pace Football Star May Have Been Killed for Moving Car


The Pace University football star who was slain by cops outside a Westchester bar may have only been trying to move his car, a family friend told a New York Injury Lawyer. The father of a passenger in that car said the driver thought an officer only knocked on his window to get him to move out of the fire lane.

The passenger’s father told a New York Injury Lawyer “an officer jumped out from between cars and started firing, and then the next thing [the young men] knew, [one cop] was on the hood.” The student “yelled several times as they were pulling him out of the vehicle, screaming, “They shot me! They shot me! They shot me!” the passenger’s father told a New York Injury Lawyer.

“After he’s been shot, and to lay him on the ground, face down, bleeding, handcuffed and to be left there like some wild wounded animal on the side of the road shouldn’t happen.” The passenger himself had also been shot in the arm. He told a New York Injury Lawyer, “In my heart, what went on that night… it didn’t need to come that.

“Whether we were trying to drive away or not… there was no need for any of that to happen. “I’m just devastated.” The passenger was a child hood friend of the driver. The family feels that the football star may have been singled out by the police because he was a young African-American.

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