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Pedestrian College Student the victim of a hit and run, a NewYork Injury Attorney chimes in


An automobile accident happened on Saturday, November eighth. It was a “hit and run” accident as the driver of the vehicle hit a young man on Whitney Avenue located in Connecticut.

Twenty-one year old Robert Aliano was attending Quinnipiac University as a senior marketing scholar. Around noon that day, as he was crossing a four-lane street a small, gray car hit him and then drove away. Aliano fell down onto the nearby sidewalk in terrible condition. Police are still investigating the accident and searching for the driver of the automobile.

Robert Aliano was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital. His condition is very serious. His friends are devastated and are now receiving counseling. Robert’s family is right by his side but very worried about him.

Any subject of the car accident who suffered an injury in New York should engage the help of a New York Injury Lawyer. It appears that the hit and run vehicle was the cause of the accident. If this accident happened in New York there is a type of state insurance called Mvac which stands in when pedestrians are hit by cars who leave the scene of the accident and there is no other insurance. Moreover, hiring a New York Injury Lawyer will help you find out these hidden details to protect your legal rights.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its Injury Lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Lake Success, Nassau County, Long Island . Our attorneys can provide you with advice relative to personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Without an attorney you will not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting you and your loved ones. In an Injury Law case there are times when a Criminal Attorney is needed. We can help you in that area.

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