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Pierce Brosnan Passes Out on Movie Set…if you’ve been injured on the job call a NewYork Injury Lawyer

Pierce Brosnan passed outwhile filming “Seraphim Falls,” a western directed by David Von Ancken. The actor passed out while filming a scene in which his character removes a bullet from his arm with a hot knife.

Pierce says: “I looked over at these little prop guys who sat there like hobbits burning this thing. Jesus. I actually put it on the mark on my arm and it slipped. Then I dropped the knife and I passed out and the knife was right beside my head sizzling.” His ultimate injury was undisclosed.

Even a case in which Brosnan was holding the knife maybe actionable depending on whether he was trained to do the stunt properly. If you have been injured consult a New York injury Attorney to find out what your rights are

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