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Police Shoot Man Outside of D.C. Area Daycare in Glendale


Three Prince George’s County police officers shot and killed a man wielding an axe in front of a day care in the Glenn Dale area in what could be a case of wrongful death.

Just before 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon in early April 2011, police were forced to take action, after being called to the daycare to address reports of an armed man, a county police spokesman told NY Injury Lawyers.

The man in question was part of a child custody dispute and wanted to take his children out of the daycare, the police spokesman said. The daycare then called the mother of the children who instructed the caregiver not to give the children to their father.

The caregiver then called the police, the police spokesman tells. The man was no longer there by the time police arrived. But he returned a short time later and at least one officer was still on the scene.

The details of what occurred next are unclear and investigators have yet to ascertain all the details. According to the police spokesman, the man emerged from his vehicle with an axe in his hand and he approached three police officers.

“The officers felt threatened and they discharged their firearms,” the police spokesman said.

The man was shot at the site and pronounced dead on the scene before medical attention could arrive. No one else was hurt.

There are many things that are just beyond the control of anyone else, including the behavior of people who display behavior dangerous to others. Sometimes the authorities can take care of these people before they can cause real harm, but sometimes they do things that leave a lasting negative impression on others and they must be held accountable for what they’ve done. If it’s a criminal matter, it can be left to criminal courts, but everything else is under the umbrella of NY City Injury Lawyers, the people who make sure justice is done in civil cases in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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