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Possible Drunk Woman arrested for striking cars and injuring, two New York Injury Lawyers Report


A 62-year-old and possibly drunk woman, drove recklessly and crashed her Mercedes-Benz several times injuring two people and damaging four vehicles in just over five minutes Tuesday, according to New York Injury Lawyers.

The suspect’s reckless tirade ended when she hit a tree, where an onlooker confiscated her keys and held her until officers arrived, NY City Car Accident Lawyers said. “She tried to get away going eastbound on Santa Cruz,” said a Police spokesperson.”It looked like she was trying to go across the median because she saw a lot of traffic, but was unsuccessful because of the tree.”

The careless crashes began when the driver wildly backed out of her parking spot, struck two parked cars and unknowingly pinned a man between two cars. While others in the parking lot tried to help the trapped man, she turned harshly down another street and knicked two parked cars, one with a woman in it, before finally hitting the tree to stop the domino effect.

“The accidents took place in two different spots, but it didn’t take that long,” New York Automobile Accident Lawyers report.

Both the trapped man from the parking lot and the woman in a parked car she hit sustained minor injuries according to New York Injury Attorneys.

The alleged drunk driver was taken to the police station where she refused a field sobriety test. A Phlebotomist checked her blood and was unavailable for comment on the results. In the end, she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, driving recklessly, and for at least two hits and runs.

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