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Public Smoking Banned


The American Cancer Society has stated that secondhand smoke is hazardous to health, recollects a New York Injury Lawyer. Now a public smoking ban has been put into action in New York City.

Arguments have been made by authorities that smoking bans will reduce modeling of this habit as normal behavior and possibly reduce the chance that the action will be mimicked. It is also possible, that restricting smoking in crowded areas would reduce the risks associated with the hazards of secondhand smoke as well as reducing litter and fires. However, there are not many differenced in the chemistry of the smoke from campfires or burning leaves than that of cigarettes. Bans have not been placed on these other activities because the amount of smoke produced is minimal. Therefore, the banning of smoking outdoors would yield minimal results as to the hazards of secondhand smoke.

Smokers have lost their right to smoke in most public buildings. However, smoke tends to dissipate quickly outdoors. Non-smokers do have the option of avoiding the smoke and if they are concerned for the modeling of this behavior in the public, they have the right to ask the person if they would mind moving to a different place to smoke.

Smokers should continue to have a right to smoke when others’ lives are not put at risk. Non-smokers should have the right to frequent public facilities without being exposed to harmful toxins. A compromise between the two could be reached to satisfy the rights of both, believes a New York Injury Lawyer. Separate sections within a building for smokers and non-smokers were not especially helpful to remove the toxins from the air. However, the concentration of cigarette smoke is abated when outside. Because the harmful substances contained in cigarettes is similar to the toxins contained in grilling smoke, camp fires and leaf burning; evidence does not substantiate the reasoning to ban outdoor smoking. One toxin is just as hazardous as the other. Creating a ban for outdoor smoking for the purposes of reducing the risk of mimicked behavior with children as an acceptable behavior may be morally feasible, but is not backed with medical documentation to support the reasoning. Designated locations at public parks and beaches would be a much more reasonable compromise without infringing upon the rights of either the smoker or non-smoker. The ban is also in effect in Staten Island.

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