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Queens man has surgery to remove Wendy’s utensil from lung. He may need a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

John Manley, a former Queens County resident, recently had surgery after two years of serious medical conditions. Manley had been battling pneumonia, coughs, colds and had trouble breathing. His doctors were unable to explain why. One of Manley’s doctors even thought they were going to have to remove one of his lungs. He refused, and found another doctor at Duke University in North Carolina. The doctor preformed an extractment surgery to find a plastic utensil lodged in his lung. It was 1″ long and bore the word “fashioned” and the letters “A, M, B, U, R, G, E, R” which is part of the fast food chains slogan on their plastic cutlery “Old fashioned hamburgers”. Officials have not reported if Manley thinks the utensil became lodged in his throat while he was in New York or North Carolina, where he now resides.

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