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Recreational Vehicles and Tires that are old: A Dangerous Duo explains a New York Injury Lawyer

As people are living longer this New York Injury lawyer has noticed a new phenominon developing; 60’s plus citizens are buying RV’s and campers.They are enjoying new freedoms and enjoy seeing parts of the nation on their own schedule and customized agenda’s including special destinations. These oversized vehicles have become quite trendy and are getting bigger and bigger. The largest of these vehicles are classified as Class A motor homes and look like wide loads as they drive down the America’s highways.They Travel From New York to California and criss cross all over the land. These RV’s are equipped with everything imaginable including Flat Panel Televisions large bathrooms and cooking facilities to make the most ardent chef jealous have their own Direct Television and toilets sinks showers and bathtubs, and can easily hold a big family including its travel items.In fact there are stories 2 retired lawyers who travel all over their state dispensing legal services!

The fact that is becoming more apparent as more of these RV’s hit the road is that RV accidents are dramitically on the rise and injury is the result of these accidents. Sometimes the RV is involved in a more modest accident as other motor vehicles can be, however, numerous crashes result in serious injury and the cause of these accidents has been determined to be a s a result of the tires being problematic. The list of why these tires are having problems will be continued on the next New York Injury lawyer Blog.

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