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Report May Condemn Cop Who Crushed Sunbather


A police officer was simply not watching where he was going when he ran a sunbather over with his SUV, according to a police report uncovered by a New York Injury Lawyer. People screamed at him to stop, but he just kept going.

The officer’s story is different. He claims he looked before making the U-turn that resulted in him running over the victim with his 5,000-pound vehicle. The victim was sitting in a chaise lounge at the time.

The report has quotes from witnesses who said there were a number of other people at the beach shouting for the officer to stop.

Miraculously, the victim survived being run over by the SUV. “I cannot believe the police officer said he looked, and did not see me,” he said.

The victim’s wife told a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer her husband was “just too upset” to read the full police report.

The victim’s lawyer stated that the report, along with a video re-creation of the accident showed that the officer should have been able to clearly see the sunbather.

“This is the most extreme example of negligence imaginable,” the attorney recalled during the investigation. He went on to say that his client sustained a spinal injury and damage to his heart which leave him unable to work and that the accident “ruined his life”.

While the report makes things look bad for the cop, it also concludes there were no criminal actions involved.

The victim can still sue for damages, however, and his lawyer intends to sue the city, since the perpetrator is still a police officer. They are pressing a suit against both the police officer and the city for unspecified damage, looking for compensation for the victim who may not ever be able to work again.

Legal counsel for the city declined to comment in the matter, so it is unclear what defense they intend to mount, if any. It is entirely possible there may be a settlement in what looks like a clear case of extreme negligence.

No one should have to suffer from the negligence of others. While no amount of money can erase the emotional and physical scars that are caused by someone’s negligence, you can receive monetary compensation for your injuries. Contact Stephen Bilkis and Associates for advice and a free consultation.

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