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Rogue ref owed money for book sales, says Bronx Injury Lawyer


A former NBA referee tells a New York Injury Lawyer that he has yet to receive

any money from the sales of a book he authored. The personal memoir is a revealing

recount of his days of refereeing NBA games and illegally gambling on some of those

games. He entered a guilty plea in 2008 on placing illegal bets on over 100 of the games

he officiated. His sentence included one year in prison and payment to the NBA of

$200,000 in restitution. The US Attorney’s office in Manhattan is responsible for

enforcing the restitution payments, therefore they are assisting him in the recovery of

the royalties he is due. His contract with the publishing contract states that he is to

receive 73% of the profits, and will be paid to him upon his request. However, despite

numerous inquiries for payment, the publisher has refused. Even questions of the

number of books that have sold have gone unanswered. The CEO of the publishing

company states that the ex-ref isn’t due any money until July, and has reported that

they will be seeking a protective order due to threats he supposedly made against her.

The publisher has fired the official as a result of the danger they feel. Although the

referee’s attorney claims that the publisher has given more than one excuse for nonpayment.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the sales report for

December 2009 reflect a royalty payment should have been made for about $51,000.

When someone owes you money, do not take matters into your own hands, seek a

professional. A New York Personal Injury Attorney can help you recover all that is due to

you, so call one today.

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