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Rural Roads Pose Different Risks


A New York City Injury Lawyer sees all kinds of interesting cases come through the door. Accidents of all kinds are a part of life, and sorting them out is a great way to make a living. Many accidents happen on rural roads even though they are much less populated than urban roads. Rural roads are often dark and small, have lots of hills and windy bends and curves. They do not have bright overhead lights shining down to illuminate your way. You see by the light of the headlights and the moon.

A New York Car Accident Lawyer adds that many people do not decrease their speeds when traveling through a rural area, and it is this excessive speed that causes their initial loss of control of the car. Once that happens, the chain reaction is begun and all you can do is, well, hope. Rural roads account for many deaths each year, both here and in the UK, where jst last week a man died in a two car crash on a rural road. the accident aparently forced him into a heart attack, which paramedics could not revive him from once they had him freed from the vehicle.

Sometimes wildlife are to blame for the injuries and accidents on rural roads, moreso than in the city. One New York Injury Lawyer insists that the animals get larger the farther away from the city that you get, and large deer and even cows or bulls are not out of the question. They show up in the middle of the road, and a driver has few options. The busy city sees more concrete impedements, like stalled cars UPS delivery trucks. Farm equipment is also a cause for accident on rural roads, as such large machinery travels slowly and has been the cause of accidents.

A New York Car Accident Attorney says that the number of accidents on rural roads is consistent with the types of incidents that occur there. In other words, large livestock and heavy farming equipment, dark streets, curves and hills, all of these unique aspects of rural living make for a different set of circumstances.

If you live in a rural area and are in need of support or representation after an accident, call a New York Car Accident Attorney for help. In the case of injuries feel free to call a New York Injury Attorney to help you with your claims.

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