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School Teacher Killed by DUI SUV, says New York Injury Lawyer


A promising life was ended, said a New York Injury Lawyer. A fourth grade teacher, a karate instructor, and in her mid 20s, the victim was out for a job when she was killed. Her friend and jogging partner ran by her side when an out of control SUV ran her down, ending her life. The victim’s friend also suffered sever injuries. The driver of the SUV was impaired, said a New York Car Accident Lawyer. Marijuana and Xanax were found in the driver’s system and reports state that the driver may as well have been driving blindfolded.

The driver was sentenced to one and a half to four years in prison, reported a New York Injury Lawyer. The killer pleaded guilty of vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence of drugs, and of first degree vehicular assault – and fully admitted their guilt for the terrible crime committed. The victim’s mother spoke because her daughter could not. She noted to a New York Car Accident Lawyer that in her heart she knew her daughter was made of such goodness that she would forgive her killer but that she, the mother, could not. She told the judge of her daughter’s kindness and compassion. At one point she even read letters from some of the victim’s former students. The message was a clear: a bright light was snuffed out by a senseless act.

Now, in an effort to ensure this tragedy doesn’t befall another the mother has started to give speeches at various elementary and high schools. There is no happy ending just one of justice. A life ended; a killer behind bars; and a plea that everyone do whatever they can do prevent the future from repeating the past.

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