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Second-hand Smoking raises kid’s blood pressure

A New York Injury Lawyer is paying attention to what doctors are saying about what second hand smoke can do to children. A study was done on some preschool students on the effects of smoking that occurred in their home by their parents or family member. The reporter was amazed that it affected these kids in such a profound way that it would raise their blood pressures. This could be considered premises liability.

The observer noted that many of these children who experienced second hand smoke in their home would go on as adults to continue to go through high blood pressure symptoms. On the other hand, if parents were mindful of what effect their smoking had on their children, they would do the right thing and not smoke around their children. The result of this change would help the children to live in a smoke free home and not having to deal with high blood pressure at such a young age.

The New York Injury Lawyer agrees that adults need to take responsibility for their actions and what those actions can do to their children who are at an age where they are so vulnerable. Children in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are at a disadvantage when it comes to parent’s smoking in the home and until this problem is resolved, children are at risk of developing issues with blood pressure and other illnesses such as heart disease and strokes. In addition, these same children may grow up as adults who also smoke in the presence of their own children.

There are few things more terrible than injury or harm to a child. If your child has suffered because of the exposure to second hand smoke, you should seek the advice of a New York Injury Attorney. There is no one better equipped to handle such cases and protect the innocence of your child.

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