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Sedated Boy Interviewed in School Bathroom


A second grade boy was injured at his Louisville elementary school, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The boy was found in the bathroom at his school last week, but as of right now, the police have no answers as to what caused his injuries.

The boy was found in a bathroom stall in the bathroom at the elementary school he attends. The injury occurred on March 23, when he took his bathroom break.

He went for a bathroom break and wound up harmed and sedated. Because of the sedation he was not immediately interviewed by police. Due to the extent of his injuries, he could not be talked to right away, but has since been interviewed by local authorities.

Since then, police have been able to interview him, and he remains in a local hospital in stable condition.

The second grader took a bathroom break almost near 1 pm, which according to teachers and school faculty was perfectly normal. He went in to a stall, and after a few minutes the teacher tried to speak to him by calling his name but got no answer. The teacher immediately called a security guard who after trying to talk to the boy, still did not get any kind of response. He then opened the stall and found the boy inside, drugged and hurt.

After this happened, the school nurse was quickly notified and called to the scene to begin providing first aid to the boy while they waited for an emergency medical team to arrive with help. The team arrived quickly and rushed him to the hospital.

Police will not say the cause of the injury or who could have been responsible. The boy is currently in the hospital recovering with his family while a police investigation is pending. Anyone who thinks they may have any information about this case is strongly urged to contact police or school administrators immediately.

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