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Settlement reached in civil suit against psychiatrist


A Tufts Medical Center psychiatrist settled a civil suit for $2.5 million. The money was put into trusts for two children whose parents are in jail and young sister is dead, a New York Injury Lawyer stated.

The civil suit settlement occurred after parents of a four-year-old girl were convicted of murdering her. She was overdosed with Clonidine. The psychiatrist prescribed the medication to the child.

The girl was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at two-years-old. The psychiatrist prescribed Clonidine for ADHD and Depakote for bipolar disorder. Neighbors were concerned about the amount of pills the child was taking up until the night she died. The psychiatrist relied on a written report provided by the child’s parents each week.

The girl was found dead on her parents’ bedroom floor. She was found dead the night of Dec. 13, 2006. Prosecutors in the parent’s case said the parent’s motive for killing their daughter was that they could not get federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They had previously been able to get SSI for their other children. It is unclear why they requested SSI and why they were denied.

The father was convicted of first-degree murder and the mother was convicted of second-degree murder. Their two children have been placed in foster care. The $2.5 million has been put into trust funds for the two children, a New York City Injury Lawyer asserted. They will be able to use the money for educational and other purposes.

The psychiatrist was not indicated and she still has her medical license. Previously, she had given up her license when the parents were convicted. However, the psychiatrist was cleared by a grand jury in summer 2009. Months later, a state medical board reestablished her license. She returned to Tufts Medical Center. Doctors in The Bronx and Brooklyn are watching this case.

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