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Seven people were taken to the hospital after a truck overturned


Seven people were taken to the hospital after a truck overturned in Stellenbosch. Two of those people died as a result of their injuries. The other five are in serious condition. It is unclear how the accident occurred, but local police officials are continuing to investigate. They will have to interview the survivors and witnesses at the scene to get a better idea of how this tragedy happened, claims a New York Injury Lawyer. Few details are available at present.

Injuries from this accident range from broken bones to lacerations. Some of the injured have suffered fractures and broken legs while the driver has a serious head injury. When the injured will be released is unknown at this time. They may need out-patient care until their injuries heal. The two people that died were local workers who may have been working for the company that owns the truck that overturned.

A Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer states that without more evidence, it will be impossible to determine the cause of the accident. No other vehicles were involved. Local police officials will have to inspect the scene of the accident, the truck and ask many questions of those who witnessed the events leading up to the accident. It is never easy to piece together an accident scene when little evidence remains. Mechanical failure, human error or carelessness on the part of the driver may have caused the deaths of two people.

The accident occurred on a Monday afternoon around 3pm. It is unknown if this time is a busy time on local roadways. It so, then it was luck that prevented other people from being involved in this accident. It is unclear why the truck was traveling on this road at this time. The truck may have been transporting workers, materials or both to local worksites or it may have been on its way to pick-up materials. Further investigation into the reasons why the truck was in the location is important. The company that owns the truck should be able to provide these important details.

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