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Sewage Pit Causes Death Say a New York Injury Lawyer


A worker at a Suffolk County Dunkin’ Donuts apparently fell in a sewer drain and died. In what appears to be a normal part of the staff’s daily routine, the man was taking out the trash when he fell into the pit. New York Injury Lawyers report that the teenager’s cousin found him drowning in an 8-foot deep sewage pit. No criminal charges were brought in the case as it seemed to obviously be an accident.

The teenager making the call stated that the worker was no longer visible in the cesspool. This sewage pit apparently remains covered but for some reason the dangerous drain was left uncovered. The firm of Steve Bilkis and Associates may be of help to the family and can be reached by calling 1-800-NY-NY-Law.

New York Injury Lawyers report that the victim was rescued and rushed to emergency facilities, however, the injuries sustained in the fall proved fatal. Medical Officials pronounced the victim dead after he arrived at the hospital. New York Injury Lawyers report that the owner of the company could not be reached for comments regarding this fatal accident.

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