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Shoe ‘Rip-off’ involving Lebron James going to court


It appears that a foul may have been called on Lebron James off the basketball court. The star athlete is being sued for copyright infringement. His signature shoe, which is made by Nike, is allegedly remarkably similar to one made by another company, with an almost identical logo, and at times the same name is on the Nike shoe as on the other apparel maker’s line of footwear, according to a New York Injury Lawyer.

The words ‘milk crate’ was on Milkcrate Athletic’s apparel before it was ever put on Mr. James’ shoe. The design of a milk crate is also used on both products. Milkcrate Athletics is suing Nike and demanding that they remove all uses of the words ‘milk crate,’ ‘crate,’ and removed the logo, which they claim to have had first. A New York Injury Lawyer said that as of yet Nike has not responded publicly to the charges.

The company is also seeking undisclosed monetary damages in addition to the changes to Nike’s product, says a New York Copyright Infringement Lawyer. The reason for using ‘milk crate’ in conjunction with Lebron James is that he first played basketball using milk crates as a basket.

If you find yourself the victim of copyright infringement, your best course of action is to contact a New York Copyright Infringement Attorney. Copyright infringement is especially difficult to prove, and the only way to ensure a positive outcome is to enlist the services of a New York Copyright Infringement Lawyer.

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