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Singer found to be negligent


A New York Injury Lawyer was quick to agree that Emilio Navaira, a Tejano Singer, was extremely neglectful to ruin his tour bus while he drove home in a drunken stage from a concert.

According to a friend and confident of the accused, the singer did some damage to the vehicles in the accident, but not nearly as much damage as his previous bass player did. It so happened that in court, the former bass player asked for a little less than $95,000, which the juries awarded him.

After the court session, both the defendant and the complaint said that they agreed with the verdict. According to the bass player, he just wanted everything to be over. He said that the guy in the accident was his friend and now he wanted to move forward.

The NY Injury Lawyer indicated that the bass player looked like he did not want to hurt his friend. He had told the jurors that he had never seen Navaira drinking while he was doing the concert. All he could remember was the brake slamming on the highway and his friend trying to control the vehicle. The Tejano Singer had to have five brain operations because of his extensive injuries.

The lawsuit between the former bass player and the Singer was settled in court. The bass player was originally asking for one million dollars and after deliberating for eight hours, the jury came back with a lesser amount that seemed to be favorably to the complainant in the end. In Brooklyn and Queens, cases like this one are handled in the same manner.

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