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Small Shopping Center Destroyed by Fire, Says New York Injury Lawyer


It took firefighters from a dozen departments several hours to finally put out a fire that destroyed a small shopping center in Amityville, officials told a New York Injury Lawyer.

The fire started around 3:30 a.m. at the single-story center, which contained a spa, a ski tour company, and a stained-glass gallery. All of them were destroyed by the fire, the salon owner told a New York Injury Lawyer.

First responders attempted to control the fire from its source, which appeared to be the basement, but the fire weakened the first floor so severely, they had to retreat outside. The fire was put out by 11 a.m. Due to the hot and dry summer, the nearby hydrants did not have enough pressure, so water had to be pumped from the Amityville River, a quarter-mile away, according to a New York Injury Lawyer.

The basement was shared by all three businesses, the salon owner told a New York Injury Lawyer. Her supply of salon goods were kept there. She described the basement as “like a maze”. Her first concern, she said, was about how her 23 employees were going to support their families. The owner of the building could not be reached for comment. No injuries were reported.

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