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34 year old Minerva Peña, a health-care aide developed pain that was located in her lower back in spring of 2003. Peña claims that the pain flourished after a procedure that resulted in the removal of fibroids. Months later Peña had a sudden pain in her legs and lost temporary control of her bladder and bowels. She returned to her OB/GYN, Newsam where she complained that she had pain and urinary inconsistency. Newsam claimed that this could have been a neurogenic disorder of the bladder, where she prescribed some medication and made a follow-up appointment. After this Peña continued to have problems with her bladder, she was no longer able to urinate and retained large amounts of her urine. When she returned to her OB/GYN, Newsam performed a catheterization, which is the process of inserting a flexible, narrow tube into the urethra for the purpose of draining out any liquids that may be present. Newsam was able to drain 3,000 cubic centimeters of urine out of Peña’s body. Newsam sent Peña to St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, where she was hospitalized for “suspected” Upon the consultation of neurologist, Segan, it was determined that Peña did not have Cauda Equina Syndrome. An MRI was intended but the plaintiff suggested that her pain wouldn’t allow her to assume the position that the MRI required, therefore the MRI was postponed for a week later. The results of the MRI were that Peña did indeed have Cauda Equina Syndrome, the condition was then addressed through a surgical procedure, Peña will still experience permanent pain and dysfunction of her bladder and bowels. Therefore she filed a suit against Newsam, Segan, Colucci, St. Barnabas Hospital, and several of the clinics related to the hospital.

She claimed that the parties mentioned above failed to diagnose her condition in a timely manner. The plaintiff sought compensation for part and future pain and suffering. The plaintiff ultimately discontinued the claim against Colucci but proceeded against the remaining defendants. Prior to the start of the trial the parties negotiated and settled for 1.5 Million Dollars. Segan’s insurer contributed $1.15 Million, Newsam’s insurer contributed $250,000 and St. Barnabas Hospital’s insurer contributed $100,000. There were no criminal charges filed and usually in these cases that is not unusual.

Medical Malpractice is when professional negligence is acted or omitted by a health care provider where care provided causes injury or death to a patient. Such negligence includes and is not limited to an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management, if the doctors’ actions deviated from accepted standards of practice, or if the hospital has improper care or inadequate training, such as problems with medications or sanitation.

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In terrible instances as this, family members may be in need of a New York Injury Lawyer that is experienced in this specific area of the law. Malpractice Lawyers offer legal help for those who have been injured or physically or psychologically harmed, because of negligence caused by a health care provider. As in this case it seems that the malpractice was caused because of the physicians’ failure to properly assess the situation not only with the treatments endured but also they failed to treat the plaintiff in a timely manner. A New York Injury Lawyer would gladly help you enforce and protect your legal rights.

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