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Staten Island Ferry Failed Before Incident


The Staten Island ferry known as Andrew J Barberi had another crash while being piloted by its assistant captain, according to a New York Injury Lawyer. This is not the first time that the ferry has had issues. In 2003 the ferry became infamous for the horrific 2003 dock crash that resulted in several deaths. In the year 1995 the propulsion system failed which is what failed on the ferry this time. The two front engines did not engage properly and led to the pilot not being able to stop when going into the St. George Terminal. Although questions have arose as to why the assistant captain was at the helm, the DOT has assured that it is normal for the assistant captain to often be at the helm. It was also stated that the Captain of the ferry was standing beside the assistant captain. There were not any alarms that went off on the ferry during this incident.

During a mechanical error it does not always tend to go off. Since this latest incident members from the National Safety Board Investigation have decided to investigate the problem. They will question the maker of the propulsion system that failed as well as any others involved or witness to the crash.

There could have been more injury and more risks to life during this crash if it had not been

for the quick thinking of a bridge operator, reported a New York Injury Lawyer. This bridge

operator lowered the ramp and prevented the ship from heading straight into the concrete.

This person has been praised as well as other fast thinking dock workers. The investigation is ongoing as of now. If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you should put your future in the hands of a qualified professional. Call a New York Injury Attorney today, and let them get you back on the road to recovery.

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