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Steakhouse pays out $250,000 in sexual harassment suit


Flemings Prime Steakhouse is left with a bill of nearly $250,000 for charges of sexual harassment by three of its employees.

The three men, who worked at the steakhouse, accused the head chef, also a man, of continuously sexually harassing them during their employment. They alleged he fondled their private parts constantly with his hands, kitchen tools and utensils and that the managers at the restaurant knew about it and never did anything about it despite their multiple complaints.

Fleming’s Executive Vice President was not happy with the outcome of the case and felt strongly that the allegations against the chef were false. He also explained to New York Injury Lawyers that the restaurant would never just ignore complaints from their employees. He added that the restaurant only agreed to pay the $250,000 to save time and money in the long run from a long and expensive litigation process. The restaurant has moved on from the incident.

“Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar has always been committed to a workplace free of harassment, and we have appropriate policies and training in place for prevention and to address any incidents of sex crimes that may occur. Fleming’s acted responsibly under the circumstances of this case and settled the matter, without admitting liability, to avoid the distraction of continued litigation. Fleming’s is proud of the excellent work environment we provide for our associates,” he said in a statement.

The head chef no longer works for Flemings and was unavailable to make any comment.

Being involved in a lawsuit is stressful and time-consuming for all involved.

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