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Study finds that 8% of New York’s doctors accounted for 71% of the malpractice payouts says a New York Injury Lawyer


Contrary to what the AMA would have your believe the reason for high medical Malpractice insurance in New York is not because of lawyer suits. But the real reason these rates are so astronomical is the inability of Doctors to regulate themselves. Thankfully, Govenor Paterson’s plan will do that. A start would be to Revoke Doctors licenses who are found to be guilty of multiple medical malpractice. Any experienced New York Injury Lawyer would tell you there is a dangerous short list of Doctors to stay away from. It’s amazing that some of them haven’t lost their licenses already, which would prevent patient suffering and lower the high premiums New York doctors pay for insurance coverage.

Part of the Govenor’s plan would include screening malpractice cases and settlements which would initiate investigations of suspect doctors based on both the magnitude and frequency of the malpractice cases. Despite the best effort of any New York Injury Lawyer to keep Doctors from continuing their reckless behavior, they’re only recourse was to get money for they’re client. Now that the state is monitoring the Docotrs that get sued, a victory not only gets a client money damages but also can potentially stop the doctor from working again.

According to many reports some Doctors have remained in practice after settling over 30 lawsuits from Medical Malpractice attorneys by patients they had seriously harmed. A relatively small number do a huge amount of damage while driving up malpractice insurance rates for all their colleagues.

Paterson also would require HMOs and other health plans to alert the department when they boot a doctor from a network because of incompetence. Hospitals are already required to make such a notification.

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