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Sunbeam Products Inc. recalls 159,000 wine bottle openers this week


A Manhattan Product Liability Lawyer revealed today that both Sunbeam Products, Inc. and the Consumer Product Safety Commission because of a safety hazard have recalled nearly 160,000 wine bottle openers.

“The products were recalled for injury hazards,” he explained and added, “The Company has received 52 reports of wine bottles breaking while using their opener. 22 of those reports said users had lacerations on their hands.”

“I was carefully opening a bottle of wine when the wine bottle broke and I cut my fingers pretty badly,” one consumer said. “I have to say I am impressed with the way Sunbeam has handled this whole thing. They’ve admitted their mistake and are willing to compensate for it. That seems rare these days!”

The product in question is the ‘skybar™ Air Pump Wine Opener’ model number NBSKWA2600, which was sold as a four piece set in several colors including; gray, blue, red or silver and black-colored with a black storage box. ‘skybar, is printed on the side of the product and. model number NBSKWA2600 is printed on the bottom,” said the spokesperson.

He pointed out that the wine bottle openers were sold at QVC retail and stores nationwide, as well as QVC’s televised shopping programs, and online.

Consumers should return these products to any QVC store and will receive a full refund. Those that purchased the wine bottle openers through QVC’s televised programs or at were sent written instructions on how to get a refund. Those who have not received the instructions in the mail should contact QVC. Those with wine openers not purchased through QVC, should contact Sunbeam for instructions on how to obtain a full refund.

Sunbeam has been extremely cooperative with consumers for these products and added that various phone numbers and websites have been posted for the convenience of their customers.

A spokesperson from Sunbeam in New York City could not be reached for comment but a Manhattan Product Liability Lawyer said they are busy taking phone calls from consumers and are likely managing the various complaints posted on their company website.

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