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Teen Girl Claims Tyra Banks Show Violated Her Privacy, says New York Injury City Lawyer


It sounds like something that would sell on TV: a 15 year old girl with an addiction to sex talks to a world famous supermodel about her problems. And that’s exactly what happened, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The girl first appeared on the Tyra Banks Show to discuss her self admitted addiction to sex. Now the girl is suing the Tyra Banks TV Show and Tyra Banks herself, claiming that the TV show violated her right to privacy and exploited her for monetary purposes, reports a New York Injury Lawyer.

The suit alleges that the Tyra Banks TV Show put the girl on air without first obtaining legally required parental consent and that as a result the girl was emotionally damaged by having to endure the humiliation of discussing her sex addiction problem on national TV, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The girl claims her damages amount to $3 Millions. Attorneys close to the situation claim that the exploitation was done to drive up ratings – deliberately drive up ratings – in a crass attempt to make money. Further, say attorneys for the plaintiff girl, the actions taken by the Tyra Banks TV Show also portrayed the girl in a pornographic fashion, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. Representatives for the Tyra Banks TV Show have not answered the complaint.

In addition to the Tyra Banks TV Show, Warners Bros Entertainment was also sued, says a New York Injury Lawyer. They are the parent company of TruTV which airs the Tyra Banks TV Show.

Invasion of privacy is a serious offense and can lead to emotional damage that lasts a lifetime. If you’re privacy has been invaded you should contact a New York Injury Attorney immediately.

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