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Teenager Dies After Jumping From Ambulance


A lawsuit was filed by the family of an autistic teenage boy who jumped from an ambulance while it was moving, revealed a friend. The boy was killed a year ago and his family is still suffering from the loss and damages his death caused and hope to gain some relief from the lawsuit.

The teenager who was 16 at the time of his death, died on February 28, 2010 while he was moved by ambulance to a hospital in Columbia, claims the report. Mobile Care Ambulance is owned by Greenville Health Corporation, who also owns Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Someone close to the case allege that the teenage boy’s mother told reporters that two local psych hospitals had failed to admit him and that’s the reason he was being moved to Columbia.

The teenager was admitted to the emergency room of Greenville Memorial Hospital two days before his death. Records in the emergency department show that he became “extremely agitated and volatile and displayed symptoms of aggression” and that “he was most definitely going to harm himself. They said he displayed anger outbursts and screaming and crying fits when he was told he was being transferred to a psychiatric institute.”

The lawsuit also claims that despite the teenage boy and his mother’s objections, the transfer was being arranged regardless. It also makes the claim that the form let them know the risks associated with the transfer and identified security as going along with personnel.

The lawsuit goes on to say that during his transport, the boy was able to remove himself from the stretcher and open the back door of the vehicle and fall out of the ambulance directly onto Interstate 85. Doctors report that he died of multiple head injuries and body trauma in addition to cardiac arrest.

The family is seeking compensation for his pain and suffering prior to his death, as well as for funeral and burial expenses. They are currently seeking jury trial.

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