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Thousands Trapped at Seas


More than three thousand human beings, three thousand sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and friends and relatives, were trapped at sea as their supposedly luxury cruise ship broke down, says a New York Injury Lawyer The ship is a giant of a boat, measuring almost one thousand feet long. And it broke down nearly two hundred and fifty miles off the coast of San Diego, California when a massive fire broke out in the ship’s engine room, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. The crew worked fast and hard and one hopes smartly to put out the fire but it was too little too late as the ship was ground to a halt.

The United States of America and the government of Mexico have worked together to bring food to the starving passengers, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The Coast Guard is going to be air lifting in more than seventy thousand pounds of food immediately in an effort to give those on board some relief from the dire circumstances that they find themselves in. Honey moons have been ruined, vacations destroyed, memories forever tainted, all because of this disaster on the high seas, says a New York Injury Lawyer. Instead of seeing dolphins swim, passengers are watching helicopters from the USS Ronald Reagan drop food to them.

Air conditioning was destroyed, hot water gone, telephone services gone, and even the toilets were shut down. It was and is a floating mess. Full refunds will be offered but how can one begin to pay for the horror of being trapped at sea?

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