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Top student killed in Jet Ski crash, according to a NYC Injury Lawyer


A star student at Chabad Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Miami died when the Jet Ski he was

driving crashed into another watercraft. The twenty-one year old and his friend were

riding Jet Skis in Tampa Bay when the two collided at a high rate of speed. New York

Personal Injury Lawyers do not have any additional information about the incident, and it

does not appear that there will be any criminal charges filed as a result of this tragedy.

The deceased comes from a family of rabbis and had been studying at the yeshiva in

Miami. He was at the top of his class. Family members spoke highly of him as a role

model for many others, and acknowledged his vast wisdom. He was looking forward to

his ordination as a rabbi which was soon approaching. He was the youngest of 12

children, and his late father had been a prominent leader in the community of Brooklyn

Chabad Lubavitch during his life. Police told New York Injury Lawyers that it is

not clear if the victim’s friend, who was from Israel, was also studying at the same

yeshiva. He currently resides in Miami on a student visa. It has not been mentioned if he

sustained any injuries as a result of the accident. Family and friends have been

devastated by this incident, as the young victim had many people of various ages that

looked up to him for his knowledge and wisdom. The community will be deeply impacted

from this loss.

New York Injury Lawyers help recover losses due to unfortunate events. While

they cannot bring back a loved one tragically taken in an accident, they can lessen the

financial blow these situations can have. If your family has been devastated by an

incident, you will need a New York Personal Injury Attorney to fight for your rights and

reclaim just compensation for your pain and suffering.

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